Italian language learning and Tuscany exploring experience

Beginning date: February 1
Ending date: February 26

Number of participants: 8-10

School name in Siena: Saena Iulia

Cost of instruction: $998.00 (Euro: 768), depending on the exchange rate (here calculated at a rate of $1.30 to the euro) for the Italian lessons; this price includes a 20% group rate discount; Italian instruction lasts for 4 hours a day, five days a week. By the end of the month, participants will be fairly fluent in Italian, assuming they are beginners at the start of the Italian course and assuming they do their homework. Weekends will be free for students of Italian to travel to other Italian cities: Florence, San Gimignano, Rome, Assisi, Venice, Milano, etc.

Other costs: Registration per student: $104, however each student will receive a subscription to online Italian instruction from Saena Iulia for a year, gratis. There are weekly trips to Italian points of interest in Tuscany that cost about $46 per person to pay for a van and gas. There are also seminars on various Italian subjects each week, at the school, in the afternoon.

More other costs: Room and/or board: depends on the type of lodging; a room with a double bed and a bathroom and a shared kitchen cost, in 2009, $32.50 a night. The school owns apartments, similar to the one described above. But also, the school can find accommodations to fit practically any preference, including living with an Italian family and having meals provided; however, the cost mentioned above is the least expensive I know of, given the proximity to the school, the kitchen, etc. I will be in touch with the school once I learn of your preferences via email.

Transportation to Italy and Siena: Participants will make their own flight arrangements, and I'll meet them in a central place in Siena. I’ll make some suggestions about Italian travel, especially about the least expensive and the simplest way to get to Siena from Milano, for example.

Orientation: I will meet with the participants, online, 2 months in advance to discuss Italian travel arrangements, getting around in Siena, weather, etc. and 1 month in advance, again online, to teach some elementary Italian.

Classes available: beginning